What is File Hosting or a File Hoster?

The Internet service or web storage service, referred to as file hosting or one-click hosting, allows users to directly and without any logon to a web server with a specific storage time (one year at a time), save their files immediately. The providers are referred to as file-hosters or one-click hosters. In order to use these services, the customer only needs a browser and no other software because uploading and saving his files is generally made via the website of the respective provider.

After successful uploading, A download link (download address or URL under which his file is stored), or sent by e-mail: he has access to it at any time and can download it as required. At the same time, most vendors also provide a delete key: delete address or delete URL, which allows the customer to delete his file independently from the web server at any time. He is also given the file size.

As a rule, the file hosting is free of charge, but for comprehensible reasons with certain restrictions. Because the file hosts have to cover their non-low traffic costs, some offer their services in full (premium offers) either only for fees, or only for customers who are willing to advertise for them and use, for example, advertising banners.

When downloading, customers who use the free upload often have a lot of patience. Because it may take a little bit longer before the advertiser appears during the waiting period. Or it may take a few hours to upload again after a download. There are also file hosts, which require the input of so-called 'captcha' (number combinations or letter combinations) for each download. Ultimately, a file uploaded to a file host can even be automatically deleted if the owner has not downloaded it for a while.

The benefits of file hosting, quick, easy and convenient, free and Anonymous (the host is only given the customer's IP address) to store relatively large files is used mainly for data exchange, because sending files via e-mail often fails due to the small size allowed by the e-mail mailbox . Therefore, file hosting is also referred to as share hosting. The sender causes the upload, the recipient downloads, then the file uploaded to the file host can be deleted. For everyone, it is only one click at a time, so yes, the term One-Click Hosting. File hosting can also be used to secure data, or to provide data to the general public at low cost.

Depending on the objectives a customer pursues, various functions and details of the offers of the numerous play File hosting role. Whether the fastest or the cheapest is best suited, everyone must decide for themselves. Thus security is particularly important when it comes to securing sensitive personal data: these should only be uploaded in encrypted form. If, on the other hand, it is only a fast data exchange, the highest speed is most important.