News to File-Upload

Responsive and Encryption - 3. February 2017

Our website is finally responsive. is thus optimally displayed on smartphones and tables. In addition, the complete page is encrypted (https). The transfer of all content including downloads is now only encrypted.

File Upload size - 4. January 2015

We have increased the max. file upload size to 1 GB per file again.

Affiliate - 15. March 2014

We start our affiliate program through which you will be rewarded for the downloads of your uploaded files of us with money! The goal is to generate as many downloads for the uploaded files. By publishing and distributing the files in all possible media, many calls can be made​​. More information: Affiliate

Raffles - 25 November 2013

We are aiming to launch varius raffles and contests. More information can be found here: Raffles and contests

File Upload size - 30 September 2013

The maximum file size per upload has been raised again. In total 400MB are allowed per file now. This makes it possible to upload a sum of 4GB per process.

English version - 20. December 2012

The english version of our page is now accesible. We will publish a french version soon, too. The link to the english page: English

Upload size - 13 July 2012

We have increased the maximum file size to 200 MB per file. Thus it is possible to upload up to 2 GB at a time.

Relaunch II - 01 July 2012

Our website got a facelift and a completely new layout. During implementation, we have paid particular attention to usability and clarity. We hope we have achieved that goal and would appreciate feedback. We have also simplified the upload process. You can select up to 10 files with a single click and upload them at once.

Multiupload - 01 April 2009

With Multiupload, users can now upload multiple (up to 10) files simultaneously. If problems occur, especially with large files, please report it accordingly. Thank you.

Upload Tool - 01 March 2009

Our upload tool is finished and free for use at no charge. In the Tools section you can find more information and the relevant download link.

Press - 15 April 2007

We are pleased that we have been tested by the computer magazine c't. We quote: "Soll der Dateiaustausch möglichst einfach vonstatten gehen, eignen sich Schnelllader am besten. Unter diesen waren in unseren Versuchen, und SendMeFile am flottesten." You can find the complete test in issue 08/2007.

Relaunch - 26 November 2005

As you have probably noticed, we have integrated a new design! As the rush to was very large, we have decided to provide a second server for your files. The traffic flow is directed and ensures a better quality of service and higher upload speed. To perfect our service, we need your help and ask that you report to us on error message! Below we will immediately look into it!

Server exchange - 14 July 2005

Due to a server change, we currently have a few minor problems with the accessibility. Your data is stored as before and we are using all available hands and feet going to get the problem under control. No data will be lost and also get links to your files remain. Until tonight, the server will be stable again, so do not worry that your files are not available.