Frequently asked questions

We compiled the frequently asked questions and answers for you. If your question isn’t listed here, we will be happy to answer it via email.

1. Is this service really free of cost and without engagement?

Yes. We offer our service completely free of charge. With the use of this service no obligations occur.

2. Can other users can access my files without my permission?

Your files are stored on our server named with randomly generated characters and digits, which is only provided to you. Unless this file name isn’t handed to others, the chances are extremely low that unauthorized persons gain access to your files.

3. What files are allowed to be uploaded?

There are no limits. You can upload any file and format to our server, as long as a file doesn’t violate our terms of use. The criterias that are given on the start page are a good point to start.

4. How long are my files kept?

Your pictures are stored for at least one year and are only deleted after no access was tracked for 60 days. files have this restriction immediatly after upload.

5. How can i delete my files?

After upload you get a deletion link. When you activate this link you get access to a deletion dialog for this file.

6. I have problems uploading files?

If you run in trouble using the JavaScript-Upload you can switch to the alternative upload by clicking "upload without JavaScript".